Razor Sharp Cuts

by DJ Grazzhoppa



This album is a compilation of digital releases taken from various projects & albums by various artists.
All tracks got Grazzhoppa's signature cuts & hooks.
Production by various artists


released February 18, 2012

click on track for further info about the artists and links to their projects !

I like to give a shout to all people involved in makin these jams,the mc's & beatmakers but also the engineers & dudes that master these joints.
It has been a true pleasure & blessing working with each & everyone involved.I'm ready for more !



all rights reserved



Dj Grazzhoppa Gent, Belgium


A deadly assassin who cuts with ultimate speed and precision.His legend has spread worldwide, and he remains undefeated in battle.On a mountain top he sharpens and elevates his abilities to levels that are unmatched.
Challengers are already dead.
Respect the DJ
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Track Name: Praverb the Wyse feat. Dj Grazzhoppa - Professional Hobbyist
I wrote this by relating the lyrics to being a working professional that gravitates towards a peaceful hobby.
[Chorus (Scratched) - 2x]
*Professional slash Hobbyist*
*Yo, P the Wyse, show em how we grind, precise writing*
*With this mic, I'm God*
*I put words together like Peter Jennings, aight*

[Verse 1]
I do this for fun, sometimes I would like to be known
A king dethroned, like Lebron without a ring so...
I practice daily, with no monetary focus
I sway the hopeless, with 16 lines of dopeness//
Do I need to rhyme? Why I am I speaking lines?
Work, then school, rhyming in my leisure time
The ultimate outlet, to release my mind
This is love right here, yes the sweetest kind//
Strive for printed articles when I freelance
Interact with the crowd, astound, when I meet fans
Greet, seek, finds things that are unique
Spread the name around, thus expand thy reach//
Give one hundred percent, nothing less
Research or Google, I'm trying to be in depth
Working on a new direction with an instep
Writing in my dreams and letting the pen rest//

[Chorus (Scratched) - 2x]
*Professional slash Hobbyist*
*Yo, P the Wyse, show em how we grind, precise writing*
*With this mic, I'm God*
*I put words together like Peter Jennings, aight*

[Verse 2]
Blue collar, professional slash hobbyist
A junior reporter with big dreams of politics
Toddlers, Tiaras, contracts and contacts
To big city dreams, people saying model this//
Hustle hard, with a squad, yes the grind exists
Be a leader, not a follower, fam find a niche
Climb a fence, forget useless limitations
This is penning greatness, next step innovation//
Life on pause, with this mic I'm God
Nah, before the mic gripping, I write these bars
The pencil is my tool, yes my instrument
The notebook, the streetwalker and I'm pimping it//
Kicking simple scripts, the opposite of intricate
Stay the course, no matter how bad the mission gets
Be patient and wait your turn
A hobbyist with the grace to learn
With the grace to learn//

[Chorus (Scratched) - 2x]
*Professional slash Hobbyist*
*Yo, P the Wyse, show em how we grind, precise writing*
*With this mic, I'm God*
*I put words together like Peter Jennings, aight*

[Verse 3]
It's Earl from 8 to 4, Patrick from 5 to 10
Praverb when the rhymes begin
Shows lack, I don't have the time for them
Ten people in the audience, nine are friends//
No money from the door
That means no gas
No merch for your show
When you perform last
Thoughts of robbing a bank with no mask
Run rampant in my mind, sheesh, at least I'm recognized//

[Bridge (Scratched)]
*Living proof, what I spit it the booth*
*My verbals known to crush bones*

[Chorus (Scratched) - 2x]
*Professional slash Hobbyist*
*Yo, P the Wyse, show em how we grind, precise writing*
*With this mic, I'm God*
*I put words together like Peter Jennings, aight*
Track Name: Singapore Kane - Dividends
All too often rap monikers seem entirely arbitrary to the actual content of the music that follows. Ruthlessly bucking this trend of empty promises is Singapore Kane, whose aggressively crisp delivery swats the versatile array of beats featured on his fifth solo project, Wrath of Kane.

A veteran of the Boston rap scene, Singapore Kane’s latest effort hears him coupling his bent for street-centric battle raps with socially conscious, yet realistic, commentary. On tracks like “Ill Bomb” and “Dividends”, Kane nods at his boom-bap roots with unrelenting lyrical vigor. Meanwhile Kane’s flow is able to melodically slow it down for brutally vivid reflections on tracks like “Outside the Margins” and “Mad at Me”—perhaps Kane’s personal version of couples therapy. Meanwhile, Kane’s heartfelt “MLK Tribute”, which Kane recorded after a sudden jolt of inspiration, caught ears and hearts across the rap world on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

While the Wrath of Kane mixtape showcases the Boston MC’s proficiency at conquering industry beats, Kane also stays true to his Beantown roots, employing original bangers from Bostonian producers like Purpose, Allegory and Alexander the Great, all of whom lay down gully East Coast fire. Meanwhile, Kane’s gritty narratives collide with original Cali-tinged soul from West Coast producers like TKSTR (“Outside the Margins”) and Lee Bannon (“Dividends”). And, as Singapore Kane readies his next project (an EP of entirely original production), living-legendary producer DJ Premiere blesses the remix to “Play It”, where Singapore Kane’s prowess shines alongside other lyrical heavyweights Royce Da’ 5’9 and fellow Boston MCs, Big Shug and Termanology.

Across the board, whether he’s musing on the ups-and-downs of relationships and life or reveling in the ascension out of poverty, Wrath of Kane is the latest offering of explicitly real hip-hop from one of Boston’s illest and most promising wordsmiths.
released 07 March 2011
Track Name: Don Streat feat. Ruste Juxx - Go Ahead Take It
Mic Controller :
Don Streat,Ruste Juxx
Deck Controllin' :
Dj Grazzhoppa
Beat Composing :
Track Name: Praverb the Wyse feat. Blame One,Theo 3,Dj Grazzhoppa - Rock On
Fourth track off The Gospel is FREE 2 that features guest verses from California firespitter Blame One and Canada's own Theo 3 (two of my favorite emcees). The track is produced by Teddy Roxpin and features cuts from Dj Grazzhoppa (enjoy). Basically I wanted to present a track that revolves around emcee skills and lyricism.
Verse 1: (Praverb the Wyse)
P spit fire and brimstone, the messiah has been home
We can battle, no need to rattle like Jim Rome
You not on my level you just like the devil with metal
Playing Russian roulette, I'll let you spin chrome//
Go ahead send clones, I'm ready for war
You show up with pocket knives I got machetes in store
Go ahead pull for your heat you stupid to me
Expose you foes like entering a pool with a leaf//
I'm an adult you sounding quite juvy to me
You not influencing me cause your music is weak
Think about it, I don't need the ink to mouth it
I attack the pad, letting the words sprinkle around it//
I'm calling you out, you squirm like an earthworm
Involved in a drought
I'm the one that peeps keep talking about
P the smooth type, I seduce mics
6'4" and unsigned I guess I'm the new hype//

Verse 2: (Blame One)
Yo, yo I'm a master craftsman, word archaeologist
Digging up the spirit deep within, go ahead and follow this
Pace, the knowledge to race, my predecessor dead a lesser
Rhyme professor, the true pen and paper time investor//
In my prime I design the pressure
I'm putting emcees under the, I'm the lighting and thunder kind of fresher
Than your average mortal from the way I hold the mic
I drop jewels, still cuss you out like I was Dolomite//
I steady rise, while you rapidly demise
While you rappers full of lies, I just build with P the Wyse
Enterprise, now enter the eyes of an assassin
I move like a samurai slow with no compassion//
For the wack I'm attacking cause I flex to win
Pass the sword, my son sharpen for your next to kin
And it likes that, sorry but it is what it is
I stay ahead of these kids and my legacy lives (rock on)//

Verse 3: (Theo 3)
Yo Forget Captain save a hoe, Dr. take a life, savior like
Mary had to look up in the manger twice
Say goodnight, BYE BYE, 5 guys afraid to fight
Act tough but couldn’t buy Pride if they were Dana White//
y’all cats know it’s Pros vs, Joes
Lift a JVC, spike TV’s on your toes
till you bleed out your nose for foes got flows
that aim at your cavalry, average emcee//
he be Patrick Dempsey bullets Grey’s Anatomy
pull it, names a casualty
drop like stock
act tough call your bluff and raise y’all like a family
top 5 spot think not y’all are fantasy//
Cameron D only act up where the cameras be,
damage me, please y’all are mellow like Anthony.
I’ll put wings on your shoulders no Randall C,
Stay humble that’s word to Prince, F#ck Vanity//
Track Name: Praverb the Wyse feat. Nametag,Dj Grazzhoppa - Back With Heat
Second track from The Gospel is FREE 2 that features an amazing guest feature from Detroit emcee Nametag. The track is produced by Teddy Roxpin and features cuts from Dj Grazzhoppa (enjoy). I did not record any solo material in 2009 and I wanted to prove that I could come back with heat in 2010.
Verse 1: (Nametag)
Back with heat, Tag body bag a beat
That emcee that'll prove I'm that elite
Usually stay ahead of those that compete
I be on that left expressway traffic speed//
Yes indeed, I lyrically stab a track and leave it
With an increase and massive bleeding
Matter of fact I know that to most rappers
I'm a headache
I am quite sure it is aspirin needed//
Describe me as intriguing
Each line is steaming like a pot full of tea gets
Your team gets fatigued, going against me
And my whole legion, leaving the playing field uneven//
Reality show for one season
About me succeeding til I'm done breathing
I'm a necessary instrument the drum needs me
I'm sick I spit mumps and leave chumps feverish//

[Chorus] 2x
We got the rhymes, we more than stars
Hitting competition with a load of bars
Attacking the track, Tag and P
It's 2010 and we back with heat

Verse 2: (Praverb the Wyse)
I am in a kill zone, reciting some real poems
I won't lead you to death, P is no Jim Jones
Seeking my calling, preach when I speak
No need to be balling, cause he is no Jim Jones//
Untamed beast, loose without a leash
On streets I channel the, same emotion of Gemstones
No Gemini, men will die, when the pen collides
With the pad, leave em' toe tagged unidentified//
Cold case, case closed, work the caseload
search for higher powers, yes the one that Mase Knows
Y'all lying, y'all scratching on that fake nose
Treat your face like a vase cause we break those//
Walk around with a lion's skin and ape bones
Plus we entertain well we strive for great shows
You want to collab, well the going rate grows
To a large number, what you working late for?//

[Chorus] 2x
We got the rhymes, we more than stars
Hitting competition with a load of bars
Attacking the track, Tag and P
It's 2010 and we back with heat

Verse 3: (Praverb the Wyse)
From VA to MI to Corpus Christi
Jedi like mind state, the force is in me
Brought the torches with me
Set your body ablaze
The crowd is amazed, they gaze at your crispy corpse//
Check it, the odd ball in dodge ball
In a dodge car, charged to challenge those in squad cars
Eating emcees in an edible form
It's P-Viz the Wyse, theoretically born (what)//
Track Name: Brainstormers feat. Skyzoo - Proceed With Caution
Proceed With Caution was conceived due to the awesome scratching ability of Dj Grazzhoppa. Dj Grazzhoppa has the ability to turn an ordinary track into a banger. The thing that makes him unique is the fact that he actually utilizes the lyrics from the track to create a scratch hook.
Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
Desire on the forefront
Extensively expedient
Drenching out of my forehead
Heat waves and cold sweat
I Attain clarification, in accordance to recordings leaving car speakers scorching//
Never rest for a second with tutorage from the legends
Taking crash courses my brain aches
In depth study to salvage the good that remains
Amending hip hop erasing the date rape//
I’m steadfast with it, verbal artillery is out
But I ain’t shooting to kill I let it set in your scalp
Creep up in your brain and let it blend
So sit and jot down the blueprints to my revenge//
In the battlefield still getting tempted
By these labels looking for they flagship apprentice
I rather die thirsty next to water
Knowing my lifelong thesis never once faltered//

Verse 2 (Skyzoo)
The human highlight reel, they pray that I might chill never happen
I’m forever at it, and y’all forever addicts
Nowadays with the rapping, I’m feeling so bored
When I’m listening to y’all, that I rather flow backwards//
Coach well as might I pro up and I
No me let down it dumb can I
I guess I’m leave it there
And go and listen to Big wishing that he was here//
Pick one of them, whether Smalls or L or Pun any one of dude
Inspired by all three, I guess I’m something new
I’m NY, suede timbs and all
Best flow been mine, no grins involved//
I got this; I did it before it became popular
And I still get it, and all of them still watching huh
It’s cool with me, as cool as I be
I nevermind it, they all just influenced from me, you know//

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
I’m from the V dot A, home of the crack rap
Influenced by Miles Davis and other jazz cats
I pen a verse with no profanity
So forget advising you, I label each song hazmat//
So please proceed with caution
Wear plastic gloves when my music leaves the walkman
I’m a lyricist, y’all claim that your pen don’t write
Every verse hits hard like a Kimbo right//
I’m the future; I don’t need to lend no ice
Cause I’m God’s son, I don’t want to be like Mike
That’s another man; I got an arm like Rocket
While y’all slow pitch tossing underhand//
I stay positive; I always keep my head high
Whether in Va, or chilling somewhere in Bedsty
I heard a lot of dudes claim they the next guy
Until they see my cd chilling in Best Buy//
Track Name: Brainstormers - By All Means
By All Means was based on the concept of being prosperous and enduring amidst the economic cycle. Furthermore, the concept was applicable to hip-hop as well. We decided to present our life stories up to this point. The underlying theme for this song is based on perseverance and taking baby steps to achieve success.
Verse 1 (Cayoz Da Beast)
I was born April 24th, year 1989
Stepped on the rap scene like 04 or 05
But around 06 is when i met P the Wyse
Wisdom’s Cafe showed he was a different league than I//
Dropped Heart of the City right around the same time
But my East 2 West joint had a way better vibe
In 08 I soul searched & did an album on the side
Suppressing the beast within was filled with nothing but strife//
Still I took what i learned and i ran with the hype
Then i dropped a mixtape with STILL FRESH full of rhymes
2009 I came back with the mixed vibes
And word on the streets focused ready to get mine//
A short time later I was hit with an invite
To join the BrainStormers fam i was ready to rip mics
And you know what they say son you never live twice
So I took the invite and never once looked behind//

Verse 2 (A.L. Laureate)
In 2003 my stomach was uncovered
It was a long procedure let me guide you through the hunger
How could you press play when it was in disarray?
If you love it you hate it, it works both ways//
Rejected from the start didn’t make the numbers i expected
It made listeners pass like the minutes do the seconds
7 albums recorded but deleted from hard drives
The archives became the past where my heart hides//
Moral in the toilet questions aroused doubts
Flow is too weak
My rhymes get lost in the beat
If you listening and feel the sudden need to critique
Go ahead cause you can’t hurt what you don’t see//
Now it’s a new day BrainStormers we a fam
Simultaneously creating fresh air for these fans
We are forever one geared up for what’s ahead
Just remember this is where we took our first steps

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
P is too spiritual, too conventional
Need to think outside of the box, drop the lyrical
Too emotional, he doesn't drop emotions
The flow is ocean, I bear arms, overdosing//
Critics be, critical of my energy
Stating that I should be hype when I'm ripping on the mic
But eventually, they understand that I won't force it
Olympic runner, running swift, with the torch lit//
10 years immersed in the culture, with many mistakes
Many plateaus, been stagnant with these rap flows
Dreams of rocking a thousand or more
To hole in the wall spots...
The reality of these rap shows//
Been promised a record deal and free beats
Doing verses for free when I really need to sleep
This lack of sleep carries over to my personal life
Affecting my job performance and my search for a wife//

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