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Praverb the Wyse feat. Nametag​,​Dj Grazzhoppa - Back With Heat

from Razor Sharp Cuts by DJ GRAZZHOPPA



taken from the album "The Gospel Is Free 2" by
Praverb the Wyse


Second track from The Gospel is FREE 2 that features an amazing guest feature from Detroit emcee Nametag. The track is produced by Teddy Roxpin and features cuts from Dj Grazzhoppa (enjoy). I did not record any solo material in 2009 and I wanted to prove that I could come back with heat in 2010.
Verse 1: (Nametag)
Back with heat, Tag body bag a beat
That emcee that'll prove I'm that elite
Usually stay ahead of those that compete
I be on that left expressway traffic speed//
Yes indeed, I lyrically stab a track and leave it
With an increase and massive bleeding
Matter of fact I know that to most rappers
I'm a headache
I am quite sure it is aspirin needed//
Describe me as intriguing
Each line is steaming like a pot full of tea gets
Your team gets fatigued, going against me
And my whole legion, leaving the playing field uneven//
Reality show for one season
About me succeeding til I'm done breathing
I'm a necessary instrument the drum needs me
I'm sick I spit mumps and leave chumps feverish//

[Chorus] 2x
We got the rhymes, we more than stars
Hitting competition with a load of bars
Attacking the track, Tag and P
It's 2010 and we back with heat

Verse 2: (Praverb the Wyse)
I am in a kill zone, reciting some real poems
I won't lead you to death, P is no Jim Jones
Seeking my calling, preach when I speak
No need to be balling, cause he is no Jim Jones//
Untamed beast, loose without a leash
On streets I channel the, same emotion of Gemstones
No Gemini, men will die, when the pen collides
With the pad, leave em' toe tagged unidentified//
Cold case, case closed, work the caseload
search for higher powers, yes the one that Mase Knows
Y'all lying, y'all scratching on that fake nose
Treat your face like a vase cause we break those//
Walk around with a lion's skin and ape bones
Plus we entertain well we strive for great shows
You want to collab, well the going rate grows
To a large number, what you working late for?//

[Chorus] 2x
We got the rhymes, we more than stars
Hitting competition with a load of bars
Attacking the track, Tag and P
It's 2010 and we back with heat

Verse 3: (Praverb the Wyse)
From VA to MI to Corpus Christi
Jedi like mind state, the force is in me
Brought the torches with me
Set your body ablaze
The crowd is amazed, they gaze at your crispy corpse//
Check it, the odd ball in dodge ball
In a dodge car, charged to challenge those in squad cars
Eating emcees in an edible form
It's P-Viz the Wyse, theoretically born (what)//


from Razor Sharp Cuts, released February 18, 2012
from The Gospel is FREE 2, released 06 September 2010
Nametag (First Verse) - www.itsnametag.com
Produced by Teddy Roxpin - www.myspace.com/teddyroxpinbeats
Cuts by Dj Grazzhoppa - www.grazzhoppa.com or djgrazzhoppa.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



Dj Grazzhoppa Gent, Belgium


A deadly assassin who cuts with ultimate speed and precision.His legend has spread worldwide, and he remains undefeated in battle.On a mountain top he sharpens and elevates his abilities to levels that are unmatched.
Challengers are already dead.
Respect the DJ
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