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Praverb the Wyse feat. Blame One​,​Theo 3​,​Dj Grazzhoppa - Rock On

from Razor Sharp Cuts by DJ GRAZZHOPPA



taken from "The Gospel Is FREE 2" by
Praverb the Wyse


Fourth track off The Gospel is FREE 2 that features guest verses from California firespitter Blame One and Canada's own Theo 3 (two of my favorite emcees). The track is produced by Teddy Roxpin and features cuts from Dj Grazzhoppa (enjoy). Basically I wanted to present a track that revolves around emcee skills and lyricism.
Verse 1: (Praverb the Wyse)
P spit fire and brimstone, the messiah has been home
We can battle, no need to rattle like Jim Rome
You not on my level you just like the devil with metal
Playing Russian roulette, I'll let you spin chrome//
Go ahead send clones, I'm ready for war
You show up with pocket knives I got machetes in store
Go ahead pull for your heat you stupid to me
Expose you foes like entering a pool with a leaf//
I'm an adult you sounding quite juvy to me
You not influencing me cause your music is weak
Think about it, I don't need the ink to mouth it
I attack the pad, letting the words sprinkle around it//
I'm calling you out, you squirm like an earthworm
Involved in a drought
I'm the one that peeps keep talking about
P the smooth type, I seduce mics
6'4" and unsigned I guess I'm the new hype//

Verse 2: (Blame One)
Yo, yo I'm a master craftsman, word archaeologist
Digging up the spirit deep within, go ahead and follow this
Pace, the knowledge to race, my predecessor dead a lesser
Rhyme professor, the true pen and paper time investor//
In my prime I design the pressure
I'm putting emcees under the, I'm the lighting and thunder kind of fresher
Than your average mortal from the way I hold the mic
I drop jewels, still cuss you out like I was Dolomite//
I steady rise, while you rapidly demise
While you rappers full of lies, I just build with P the Wyse
Enterprise, now enter the eyes of an assassin
I move like a samurai slow with no compassion//
For the wack I'm attacking cause I flex to win
Pass the sword, my son sharpen for your next to kin
And it likes that, sorry but it is what it is
I stay ahead of these kids and my legacy lives (rock on)//

Verse 3: (Theo 3)
Yo Forget Captain save a hoe, Dr. take a life, savior like
Mary had to look up in the manger twice
Say goodnight, BYE BYE, 5 guys afraid to fight
Act tough but couldn’t buy Pride if they were Dana White//
y’all cats know it’s Pros vs, Joes
Lift a JVC, spike TV’s on your toes
till you bleed out your nose for foes got flows
that aim at your cavalry, average emcee//
he be Patrick Dempsey bullets Grey’s Anatomy
pull it, names a casualty
drop like stock
act tough call your bluff and raise y’all like a family
top 5 spot think not y’all are fantasy//
Cameron D only act up where the cameras be,
damage me, please y’all are mellow like Anthony.
I’ll put wings on your shoulders no Randall C,
Stay humble that’s word to Prince, F#ck Vanity//


from Razor Sharp Cuts, released February 18, 2012
from The Gospel is FREE 2, released 06 September 2010
Blame One (Second Verse) - twitter.com/BLAMEONE or www.myspace.com/rudebwoyblame
Theo 3 (Third Verse) - www.theology3.com
Produced by Teddy Roxpin - www.myspace.com/teddyroxpinbeats
Cuts by Dj Grazzhoppa - www.grazzhoppa.com or djgrazzhoppa.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



Dj Grazzhoppa Gent, Belgium


A deadly assassin who cuts with ultimate speed and precision.His legend has spread worldwide, and he remains undefeated in battle.On a mountain top he sharpens and elevates his abilities to levels that are unmatched.
Challengers are already dead.
Respect the DJ
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