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Brainstormers - By All Means

from Razor Sharp Cuts by DJ GRAZZHOPPA




By All Means was based on the concept of being prosperous and enduring amidst the economic cycle. Furthermore, the concept was applicable to hip-hop as well. We decided to present our life stories up to this point. The underlying theme for this song is based on perseverance and taking baby steps to achieve success.
Verse 1 (Cayoz Da Beast)
I was born April 24th, year 1989
Stepped on the rap scene like 04 or 05
But around 06 is when i met P the Wyse
Wisdom’s Cafe showed he was a different league than I//
Dropped Heart of the City right around the same time
But my East 2 West joint had a way better vibe
In 08 I soul searched & did an album on the side
Suppressing the beast within was filled with nothing but strife//
Still I took what i learned and i ran with the hype
Then i dropped a mixtape with STILL FRESH full of rhymes
2009 I came back with the mixed vibes
And word on the streets focused ready to get mine//
A short time later I was hit with an invite
To join the BrainStormers fam i was ready to rip mics
And you know what they say son you never live twice
So I took the invite and never once looked behind//

Verse 2 (A.L. Laureate)
In 2003 my stomach was uncovered
It was a long procedure let me guide you through the hunger
How could you press play when it was in disarray?
If you love it you hate it, it works both ways//
Rejected from the start didn’t make the numbers i expected
It made listeners pass like the minutes do the seconds
7 albums recorded but deleted from hard drives
The archives became the past where my heart hides//
Moral in the toilet questions aroused doubts
Flow is too weak
My rhymes get lost in the beat
If you listening and feel the sudden need to critique
Go ahead cause you can’t hurt what you don’t see//
Now it’s a new day BrainStormers we a fam
Simultaneously creating fresh air for these fans
We are forever one geared up for what’s ahead
Just remember this is where we took our first steps

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
P is too spiritual, too conventional
Need to think outside of the box, drop the lyrical
Too emotional, he doesn't drop emotions
The flow is ocean, I bear arms, overdosing//
Critics be, critical of my energy
Stating that I should be hype when I'm ripping on the mic
But eventually, they understand that I won't force it
Olympic runner, running swift, with the torch lit//
10 years immersed in the culture, with many mistakes
Many plateaus, been stagnant with these rap flows
Dreams of rocking a thousand or more
To hole in the wall spots...
The reality of these rap shows//
Been promised a record deal and free beats
Doing verses for free when I really need to sleep
This lack of sleep carries over to my personal life
Affecting my job performance and my search for a wife//


from Razor Sharp Cuts, released February 18, 2012
from The BrainStormers EP, track released 01 February 2011
Produced by Deca One - decaone.bandcamp.com + twitter.com/decaone
Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa


all rights reserved



Dj Grazzhoppa Gent, Belgium


A deadly assassin who cuts with ultimate speed and precision.His legend has spread worldwide, and he remains undefeated in battle.On a mountain top he sharpens and elevates his abilities to levels that are unmatched.
Challengers are already dead.
Respect the DJ
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